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Dream Garage Designs: Functional Elements

Jul 19

What does your ideal garage look like? Is it a sizable structure containing priceless classic cars? Perhaps it just refers to a well-kept area with plenty of space for parking your cars.

There is little doubt that a remodelled garage increases the value of your house, albeit everyone's idea of value may differ. The right design may make your ideal garage a welcoming and impressive environment, which is what you want it to be for you and your guests.

Include these crucial components while creating your ideal garage design.

Change the look of your room with fresh garage floor covering

A garage floor covering may completely change the look of your floor. Your old, grimy garage floor may be transformed by durable FloortexTM floor coating into a lovely, smooth surface that serves as the framework for the rest of the design of your ideal garage.

The finest floor coating on the market, this polyaspartic garage floor coating is available in a variety of hues. You'll be amazed at how much beautiful your garage floor looks and how very simple it is to maintain after it's completed.

Interlocking PVC floor tiles are another choice for garage flooring. Due to the tight interlocking teeth design and lack of cement or adhesives, these appealing tiles may be swiftly fitted. You may use these floor tiles in your basement, storage space, or laundry area.

Organize your tools with garage cabinets

Putting in place a high-quality garage cabinet system can help you realize a few of the following design objectives:

The best way to organize your tools and possessions is with garage cabinets, which keep everything in its place, make it simple to find it, and eliminate workbench or countertop clutter. The garage's appearance will also be significantly improved by the garage cabinet system's sleek, contemporary design.

The floor of the garage is reclaimed by a slatwall storage system.

The amount of storage space in your ideal garage may be increased with a flexible slatwall storage system. Slatwall panels and its accessories efficiently use the unused wall space in your garage for improved organizing.

Put bicycles, yard equipment, and extension cables up against the wall of your garage, off the ground. That gives you more space to park your cars and makes it easier for your garage to work.

For larger stuff, use the overhead garage storage racks

Slatwall storage and garage cabinets are excellent places to start if you want to create the organized garage of your dreams. For the larger goods in your garage, go even farther with some of our speciality storage rack options.

For seasonal products like tires, patio furniture, and sporting goods, overhead storage racks are perfect. Just about how much room you could save by putting these heavy goods up in the air instead of on the garage floor.

With a vehicle lift, your ideal garage will have additional parking space

The parking space in your ideal garage may be doubled by installing a vehicle lift. Utilizing the vacant vertical space in your garage, car lifts enable the stacking of automobiles. They are the ideal storage option for keeping your second daily driver or your beloved historic automobile throughout the winter.

Upgrade your home's most apparent feature, the garage door

It would be counterintuitive to spend time and money renovating the inside of your ideal garage while leaving the outside in less than ideal condition. To finish off the stunning alteration of your garage, upgrade your garage door.

The appearance of your garage doors is important since they are the most obvious external aspect of your home. Make a welcoming location that improves the curb appeal of your house. There are many garage door design alternatives available, so you may select a combination that both expresses your preferences and enhances the appearance of your house.

You may create the ideal garage you've always wanted by using these chic and useful garage storage and design ideas.

To begin creating your ideal garage design, contact a GarageTek dealer near you or arrange a consultation visit.


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